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Since I am a huge nerd, I have to.

Seeing Watchmen, I was amazed that it was exactly how I imagined it would be as I was reading the graphic novel. I saw the trailer before The Dark Knight then read the book. After I finished it I was worried that it would be modernized to become more accessible to a 2009 (read: retarded) audience.I am glad that I'm wrong, and that Zack Snyder did not sell out. A lot of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes dismiss it as being some artistic representation of the liberal agenda gone wrong. There are a lot of political things inserted into the movie but I can't believe that film critics get paid to be this stupid, and that they aren't completely ashamed of themselves for letting their irrelevant and uninformed bullshit get published. It is a sci-fi graphic novel, published in the 1980s, set in 1985. That's it. It is SO faithful to the graphic novel, accessible to new audiences and rewarding in a many many ways to losers like me who have read the comic multiple times. The ending is pretty different from the book, but the movie's version makes more sense to me (though the giant squid thing would have been fucking awesome.) Many people are going to hate this movie, and they should. The advertising was so misleading that it made me go into it with low expectations (that, and Snyder's last movie 300 is the most overrated piece of homoerotic/phobic bullshit ever.) It isn't just a superhero movie, it's a socially important novel that has been made into a socially important film.

The first ten minutes of the movie, from the studio logos to the last shot before the opening credits, are examples of truly great filmmaking. I wasn't sure if the source material was in competent hands, but I could not have been more wrong. The screenwriter and director understood and appreciate Watchmen a hell of a lot more than I did, clearly.

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Buffalo State College Administration Theatre!

Phone Call Act 1:
Buff State: "Registrar"
Chris: "Uh hi I called a few days ago about the status of my degree application"
BS: "Do you remember who called you?"
C: "What?"
BS: "Who called you!!?!??"
C: "No I called you, the person I talked to said to call back this week because there was some unresolved issue."
BS: "What's the issue!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?"
C: "....That's why I'm calling back, they didn't tell me."
BS: (exasperated sigh) "Let me transfer you to Claudette."
(Transfers me to "Claudette," whose phone rings off the hook for a few minutes before I hang up)

Phone Call Act 2:
BS: "Registrar"
C: "Hey I called a few minutes ago but the person you transferred me to wasn't there, could you give me Claudette's number so I can call her directly later?"
(and then I'm pretty sure she took a crap all over the office, but I can't be 100% sure)
C: "Well can you tell me when she's going to be in?"
BS: "I don't know! Maybe I can help you..."
(I give her my information, she looks it up)
BS: "It says there's an unresolved issue."
C: "Okay... I know that... do you know what the issue is exactly?"
BS: "Something with your transcript, when's the last time you looked at degree navigator!???!?!?!??!"
C: ....................................."I'm looking at it right now. I took care of the only thing that would be an unresolved issue and everything looks fine on my end."
BS: "OH. WELL. You'll have to talk to Claudette!!!!"
C: "......................."
BS: "She'll be in later"
C: "Wow thanks for your help."

It has taken nearly eight months, to fix an incomplete grade that I DIDN'T EVEN EARN from a class that I DIDN'T EVEN NEED to get a fucking degree (that at this point is simply a formality to validate the past year) so I can just move on with my life and apply to graduate school, whose deadlines are rapidly approaching BTW. OK done venting.

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As happy as I am about president-elect Barack Obama, I am equally (if not moreso) disturbed by the passing of Proposition 8. Way to go, California.

This country may have come a long way, but there are a hell of a lot of things that are just completely ass-backwards here.

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This man has been coming to Starbucks a few times a month that I was absolutely positive I knew from somewhere but had no idea. I thought that maybe it was a news anchor or something, but yesterday he came in again and gave me a strange look, then asked if I went to Churchville-Chili. He was a special-ed teacher who helped a student for eight years through middle, junior and senior high school. When I was a freshman this kid was in one of my classes and this man who helped him had an attitude that sort of came with the territory. This sounds kind of stupid, but he handled himself in a blunt way; high school was a bullshit fantasy world and after its over the real world will un-teach most of what you had learned. (I had a few teachers later on in high school who actually made us think beyond the New York State standard of thinking, but whatever it was Churchville.) He took this student out into society often and the two even team-taught a class at SUNY Brockport (I think it was.) We ended up talking for about 20 minutes about how he was writing a book about his experience. I told him how I wanted to get my teaching certification and eventually work my way up to teaching at a college, and he seemed strangely enthused by it. So then of course, I asked him how his former student was doing because he was a genuinely nice guy if you actually, you know, talked to him. About 3/4 of the way through asking him I abruptly remembered a few years ago reading that he had shot himself. It was incredibly upsetting because I know that I brought him back to that grief, which he is definitely still angry over. After high school everything went downhill for this kid because nobody gave him a chance. He went from teaching university classes to being held back because he wasn't in tip-top form. Long story short, the system failed him to the point that it eventually killed him. I'm not going to pretend that beyond that one freshman class I had in-depth access to their dynamic, but you couldn't help but see a mutual respect and a significant friendship between these two people when you even saw them walking down the hallway. Despite everything that happened he seems to have no regrets about his career, and encouraged me to push forward with my plans because at the end of the day it really was worth it. After our conversation I didn't know how I felt... I was kind of nauseous. After work I went to the bar with my co-workers and told them about it because I really needed to get it off my chest and get some resolution but the only thing we really came up with was... life isn't fair. Sooo just suck it up and do what you need to do. Uhhhhhh what the fuck was I talking about.

Did you know that people actually take their kids trick or treating in the mall on Halloween? How lame is that? I think the mall is the very dead last place I would want to be on Halloween, unless I was working at Starbucks of course?? There was a kid running around with a batman costume, but then he had a devil mask on. There was no reason for it. His dad was walking behind him laughing his ass off and it was odd. I felt like I was kind of looking into a wormhole because I would totally have a bizarre kid like that (I mean, I've raised a cat who enjoys drinking bath water, chases after nothing at 6AM, and licks her crotch 10 hours a day.) Minus taking my kid to the mall on Halloween. Fuck that shit.

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Guerilla campaigning is dumb, because those who do it seem to be full of passion with no context to back their opinions up. Like tonight, we were walking out of W and there were stickers for Obama all over the doors to the screen we were in. I would just be sort of amused by it but it was just ridiculous and the person who did it made Obama supporters look like a bunch of idiots following some passing trend (which many of them definitely are but that is beside the point OK.) Halfway through the movie she starts talking at full volume to her boyfriend about how the movie is a joke and how everyone watching the movie were a bunch of conservative retards. So finally when people tell her to shut up she's all "you got a problem? I paid 8.75 just like you!" Ten minutes later she gets up all outraged, storms out of the theater and yells to vote Obama. It's a pretty hilarious thing when someone is trying to insult your intelligence but in the end just makes a fool out of themselves... even though she will never realize it.

One thing I will never understand is how people do not grasp the concept of satire whatsoever. It's like people asking if Stephen Colbert is being serious. I don't know, but watching the preview for this movie I thought it was pretty obvious that it was not a pro-Bush movie and was not particularly reaching out to a conservative crowd. Granted, it did not come out and say that Bush was a bad person, just an ambitious person who let even more ambitious people manipulate him... but the satire was definitely there in a subtle way. For fuck's sake it was made by Oliver Stone, who has filmed some of the most brutally liberal-leaning views of American history.

I've tried to steer clear of political discussions in the past few months, because it kind of makes me second guess myself and if my choices can be lumped in the category of keeping up with the zeitgeist... it seems like a staggering amount of people who are pro-Obama don't know what the fuck they are talking about. I admit that I probably am not that well-informed on some of the issues either, and maybe I am being cynical but I don't think change is coming anytime soon so who cares, right? That being said, I AM voting for Barack Obama... whatever I live in New York and the popular vote here belongs to the Democrats anyways. Voters on the national level here are a completely moot point.

The difference between me and these people are that I am keeping my opinions to myself. Everyone is entitled to what they think and who am I to shoot them down? I don't care about your politics; there are members of my extended family who I love very much and are genuinely good people, whose political opinions make me sick.

I'm not the idiot on my high horse screaming to vote Obama to a (most likely) liberal room of people, though.